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I am a Stanton Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Security Studies Program. I study international security and conflict, with a specific focus on examining the political effects of exposure to armed conflict. My research shows that early-life exposure to wartime violence shapes an individual's views on nuclear proliferation and the use of military force. My broader research agenda includes nuclear weapons and the role of leaders in military alliances.

My academic research has been published or forthcoming in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, International Studies Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, and
Presidential Studies Quarterly. Additionally, my work is currently undergoing R&R at the Journal of PoliticsInternational Studies Quarterly, and Foreign Policy Analysis. I have also written a policy commentary for NK News.

I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from Texas A&M University in 2023. I received my M.A. in International Relations from Tsinghua University, China, and my B.A. in Political Science and Diplomacy from Yonsei University, South Korea.



  1. "The Long-run Impact of Childhood Wartime Violence on Preferences for Nuclear Proliferation." Journal of Conflict Resolution 68 (1), 2024.

  2. “Nuclear Weapons and Low-Level Military Conflict.” International Studies Quarterly 66 (4), 2022. (with Kyung Suk Lee, Hwalmin Jin, and Matthew Fuhrmann)

  3. "Presidential Hawkishness, Domestic Popularity, and Diplomatic Normalization." Presidential Studies Quarterly, Early View.

  4. “Travel to Allies or Adversaries? A Compositional Analysis of U.S. Diplomatic Visits.” Social Science Quarterly, forthcoming. (with Jonghoon Lee)


  • "Fear or Anger? Leaders' Childhood War Trauma and the Initiation of Militarized Disputes." - Revise & Resubmit, International Studies Quarterly

    • Co-winner of the 2023 Patricia Weitsman Award for best graduate student paper on security studies presented in International Studies Association​

    • Presented at: Peace Science 2022, Texas Triangle IR 2023, ISA 2023, APSA 2023

  • "Socialization, Self-Selection, and the Life Experiences of World Leaders: Why Business Experience Influences Defense Spending" (with Matthew Fuhrmann) - Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Politics

  • "U.S. Presidential Visits and Allies' Military Spending." - Revise & Resubmit, Foreign Policy Analysis

    • Presented at: MPSA 2022​


  • "State Repression Experience and Elite Support for International Human Rights.''

    • Presented at: ISA 2023

  • "Casualties, the Partisanship and Culpability of the Government, and the Incumbent Vote." 

    • Presented at: APSA 2022

  • "Business Background of Leaders and Domestic Approval for Defense Cost-sharing Negotiations: An Experimental Approach"

  • "Private Financial Interests and Foreign Policy" (with Matthew Fuhrmann)

  • "Leaders’ Business Experience and Uses of Military Force" (with Matthew Fuhrmann)


  • "Why a South Korean nuclear program won’t deter North Korean provocations." (With Hwalmin Jin, Kyungsuk Lee, and Matthew Fuhrmann), NK News, Feb 13, 2023. [Link]



  • POLS 335: International Conflict, Spring 2023, Texas A&M University

- Course syllabus is available here.

- Teaching evaluation report is available here. 

  • POLS 335: International Conflict, Fall 2022, Texas A&M University

- Teaching evaluation report is available here. 


  • POLS 209: Introduction to Political Science Research, Spring 2022, Texas A&M University

- Instructor: Dr. Carlo Horz

- Teaching evaluation report is available here.

  • POLS 209: Introduction to Political Science Research, Fall 2021, Texas A&M University

- Instructor: Dr. Hyeran Jo

- Teaching evaluation report is available here.

  • POLS 200: Foundations of Political Science, Spring 2020, Texas A&M University

- Instructor: Dr. Michelle Taylor-Robinson

- Teaching evaluation report is available here. 


For further information, please contact me by mail or email.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Security Studies Program

1 Amherst Street, Building E40-469
Cambridge, MA 02139

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